Monday, November 28, 2011

Path to the Barn

Ruth Andre and I met for a painting day just as the fog was clearing. We had a view of the foothills that went on forever, and this barn captured my interest. I'm thinking I need cows in the painting, as these cows entertained us with their bells ringing a tune during the hours we were there! Should I take a chance and plop a couple or three brownish blobs to approximate the cows? Or be safe and leave the grassy hillside alone?


  1. What fun we had today. Your painting is a beauty. The cows were such a part of the day so it might be fun to add one or two to your painting? I do like it just as it is. Maybe the cows will show up for another painting day.

  2. Perhaps the cows deserve their own painting. That flowing path through the field really needs no accessory cow travelers!