Monday, November 7, 2011

Gnarly Oak was painted last week with my painting buddy, Ruth Andre.

Today, Ruth and I painted on Stringbean Alley in front of the Sutter Creek Gold Mine. You can turn any which way on these old country roads and find a painting! Thus: "String Bean Alley" was a self-evident name for this painting.

I turned around, and this little meadow with wispy brush just being touched by the sun called out to me. The coopers hawks were shrieking overhead, the 43 degree air was freezing my fingers, but this meadow looked so warm and inviting! "Sunny Meadow" seems a fitting title.


  1. Love your pantings, Julie. It was a fun painting day but oh so cold!

  2. Wow, Julie! These are some very nice paintings. Keep it up...and stay warm out there! Inspiring work.

  3. Great real and heart-warming

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! As you know, painting is a lonely business, but the people we meet through our painting make it an engaging business!